Whenever you hear about E-commerce, what initially comes up to mind? Whether it's products like clothes, Electronics, Jewellery, etc which can be sold via E-commerce store and ship.

We can build an E-commerce website on numbers of platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woo commerce, Spree commerce, Big commerce, Drupal Commerce or Custom framework like PHP, Ruby on Rail, Java etc. No doubt, choosing the right E-commerce platform, not an easy task. You should speak to any expert before finalizing.

Anyway, there are many things you can sell over E-commerce apart from physical products. Have a look few of them.

1. Services (Appointments/booking)
You can build a booking system. There are lots of businesses which require such functionality where customers can pre-book to get services. Like Hotel booking, Flight booking, event booking, person to person appointment etc. We can build such booking system from scratch or implement ready to use the solution on existing website.

2. Memberships
Many of businesses offer membership (subscription) program where they need recurring payments. There are many businesses like a digital magazine, Health supplement or classes, Learning management, Domain/ hosting selling etc.

3. Consultations
You can offer your consultancy services comprising different aspects of businesses from a nutritionist to dietary supplements assessments. Your business can sell its in- person consultations through the online store. For such businesses, growth scale can be raised by managing their services to your respective businesses via invoice.

4. Digital Downloads
Every business generates huge revenue through digital marketing as it builds your audience and brand value. Digital marketing services are available to everyone by 24/7. Including local events, traditional or newly-emerging businesses which are having immense opportunities. The business uses various digital attachments that are linked to a variant on a particular product. Customers get a direct download after checkout and an emailed link and set download limits as needed.

5.Event Support
Every business has a unique desire to be consistent and keep on improving their businesses to be more professional.They help in building trust and provide access to users across all devices, engage your audience through social media.

Such businesses require collective details from the customer for initiating any booking services for a specific event for the business purpose and propel them to significant improvements in their fields.

6. Experiences
Customer experiences help in building a strategy based business dealing with the customer side. Most of the organization with its strategy and experiences succeed in setting the renewed businesses. Business needs to be user-centered design and the payoff will be a better customer experience for your business.

7. Fitness Classes and Lessons
The fitness industry consists of various aspects of fitness facilities, fitness instructors, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and sports coaches. Though the needs of these professionals can vary, one thing is constant – the need to attract customers is paramount. Such websites allow you to book your appointment, sell digital products, build trust and Offer additional Products and Services to customers. 

8. Rentals
Rental businesses are technically service-based even though a physical product is involved. When people offer their rental catalog online they use a contact form to assess customer needs before processing the rental. They rely on various websites to make the rental process smooth for customers.

10. Donations
Numerous charities and non-profit organizations encourage their fund raising efforts through an E-commerce websites. Organizations using these websites can easily accept donations and sell products internationally, increasing the awareness of their cause and initiatives. This also assists in increasing the sales of your novel cause.

11. Event Tickets
Various online store under set works with selected artists to offer/sell tickets online for specific occasions within a specific location. They utilize a paperless conveyance strategy, sending downloadable PDF tickets to clients.

12. Digital Gift Cards
Nowadays gift cards are now available on various E-Commerce websites belonging to various business aspects offering unlimited plans to users. This provides a convenient way for customers to purchase a gift for someone from your store exact same way they purchase any other product in your store. This also increases the sales and make your store look more professional.